The Drone Armour INSPIRE 1 and INSPIRE PRO Transport Case is Here!

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The Drone Armour INSPIRE 1 and INSPIRE PRO Transport Case is Here!

DJI transport case – world first

The drone armour case is a premium transport case designed specifically to offer maximum protection of your DJI Inspire and now....the Inspire Pro!

The case your inspire came with is functional but does not offer the same safety and flexibility that the drone armour case offers

Whilst there are a couple of other hard case designs available specifically for the Inspire, none of them offer the functionality of the Australian designed drone armour case.

No removal of components necessary!

Do you really want to be fitting the propellers and camera gimbal EVERY time you go flying and then go through the whole process again when you have finished? I have fitted the gimbal once and decided that this was a task I certainly did not want ever do again.

There is also the possibility that this process will eventually deteriorate the propeller threads and the contact point on the camera gimbal mount. Apart from this, this process is time consuming and is certainly not the most professional of looks on a shoot.

Getting you flying is what this unique case is all about and there is no other design out there that lets you transport your DJI inspire with the propellers and gimbal mounted.

Everything has been thought of in the design. A place for everything, and everything in its place!

Dustproof, shockproof, airtight and waterproof.

There are secure mounting positions for two controllers and two tablets. A separate watertight, dustproof case with pressure relief valve is included. This
case will hold up to 6 inspire batteries. The real benefit of this case is that it can be simply taken out of the drone armour travel case and store your 4500mah batteries when travelling on board aircraft.

Also Included in the drone armour case is a removable slim line tool box. This will store up to 4 sets of propellers, 2 battery charges and an additional 2 spaces for your personal tools that always seem to get mis-placed!.

The case itself is IP67 rated, dustproof, water proof, resistant to chemicals and humidity. It measures 850mm x 550mm x 415mm. The case lid securely closes via 7 smooth press and pull latches, 3 on the front and another 2 latches on either side. The case is also lockable at 6 different locations.

For ease of transport, the drone armour case includes 2 in line heavy duty travel wheels and a telescopic handle for ease of manoeuvring.
The interior custom foam is of high density and has been water jet precision cut.

Ultimate Protection!

The drone armour case for the DJI inspire offers the ultimate in the protection and safety of your valuable equipment. It is also the only case currently on the market that allows you to safely transport your Inspire without having to dismantle it. For the professional aerial photographer, this time saving alone will pay for itself in no time.

For the hobbyist, the drone armour case gives your inspire the perfect location to safely and securely stay in until the next outing.
Thanks for watching, and safe flying. Ordering details for the Drone armour case are in the description.